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A lot of hardwork have been spent to create and improve 8start Launcher. 8start Launcher is free for everybody, it may help you work more efficient and enjoyable. It is lack of financial support, it need your help now to be improved, to have more wonderful features.

If you like 8start Launcher, and would like to show your appreciation for my work, and want to support 8start Launcher to become better, please consider making a donation.

Any amount of donation is welcome, it will be very helpful for 8start Launcher move to next step.


Many Thanks for the Donations Below:

3rd Apr 2011 - USD5 Antonios Gagas

27th Mar 2011 - USD5 Michael Zimmermank
- Thank you so much good friend for this great app you have made for us - I also like your fun sense of humor :^}. I found 8start thru Gizmo's Freeware, they highly recommend it. ps Zune skin is my favorite (if you keep track of such things :^} ). Our God's blessings to you sir.

4th Jul 2010 - USD15 Thomas Petto

5th Aug 2009 - USD5 Marie Locke
- I am on disability or I would send more. I have MS and you make it SO easy for me to have all in one olace to get to without looinhg all over. I truly appreciate your product which BTW I stumbled on by accident. Thaanks again so very much $ God bless you for helping especially for helping those of us disabled folks and making things easier for us as well as all others.

7th May 2009 - USD30 Dan Chau

23rd Aug 2008 - USD10 Michail Tzitzikalakis

30th June 2008 - USD20 J Michael Lodman

20th May 2008 - USD16 Filipe Faria
- Oustanding product. Keep up the good work.

19th May 2008 - USD20 D.R. Greenlaw

15th May 2008 - USD20 Steven Phillips

4th May 2008 - USD30 John Lees

23rd Apr 2008 - USD20 Urs Enggist

26th Feb 2008 - USD25 Bruce Buzalski
- Andy, you're doing a great job. I'm sharing 8Start with all my friends. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can find a way to get internet shortcuts without favorites???? good luck

22nd Feb 2008 - USD25 Alfred Buehler

30th Jan 2008 - USD10 Sean Harte
- I really like this little utility - great work!!!

7th Aug 2007 - USD20 Gordon Raboud - Unison Production Products (Specializing in Video and Animation Production Tools)

- Thanks for making it portable.  I'm using it with PortableApps

1st Jun 2007 - USD5 Sam Fletcher
- This is a great product, I use it all the time. This is the first freeware product to which I have made a donation.  But it does exactly what I needed it to do.

4th April 2007 - USD10 Sheila Ferguson

3rd Jan 2007 - USD30 Totalband UK (Band and Musician Web Promo) http://totalband.com
- Very cool in operation and visual design. Exactly what we needed!

31th Dec 2006 - USD4 Simon Barlow
- Don't often donate but this program is worth it - made my desktop a pleasure not a mess - want to see it continued.

30th Dec 2006 - USD10 Robert Schrimpf
- Great program.

3rd Oct 2006 - USD4 Brosco
- Thanks for a great program.

1st Oct 2006 - USD35 Jeff McElwain, USA
- Thanks for the great work! Looking forward to any new features to make efficiencies!

23rd Mar 2006 - USD5 Kent Jofur
- Thank you for a nice little program, could clean upp a little on my desk. Nice.

18th Dec 2005 - USD1 Anantha Narayan, India, www.delabs.net
- Happy New Year.


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