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Keep The Desktop Clean

In case you still need some shortcut in your desktop instead of put into 8start Launcher (e.g. shortcut link to your frequent use document, or shortcut you haven't decide put into which group of 8start Launcher), but you don't want the shortcut block the view of your beautiful wallpaper, you may create a desktop folder at your desktop and put all the shortcuts into it. It make your desktop clean, and you still easy access to the shortcuts.

In my desktop, I put only recycle bin and desktop folder. I use 8start Launcher to access my drive content instead of using "my computer" icon

Keep The Desktop Clean
Alphabetizing your Start Menu
Enable clear type font
Resize the Quick Launch Bar
Use Single Click Everywhere
Minimize the Notification Area
Shut off Unused Auto-Start programs
Cleaning your monitor
Cleaning your PC keyboard
Use autocomplete to enter addresses faster in Internet Explorer
Resize screen fonts on the fly in Internet Explorer
Quick back and forward commands in Internet explorer
Select 'No to all' when copying files in XP
Run command prompt utilities successfully from shortcuts
Create a screensaver from your pictures
Change the Default Shortcuts in the Save As Dialog Box (For Advance User Only)


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