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Shut off Unused Auto-Start programs

Some unused memory resident programs may slow down your booting process, create unneccessary icon at notification area (system tray). Most for the programs can be uninstalled by the program itself, but some of that you can't found the uninstall funciton (mostly for the program auto install itseft without your permission). Well here's a tip for you to shut off those programs that start in your system tray when you first turn on your computer.

  1. Click Start
  2. Go to Run
  3. Type in the box msconfig. It will open system configuration utility windows.
  4. Click on the Startup tab at the top, this will show a listing of programs that auto start when your computer is first booted.
  5. If you uncheck the box the program will no longer auto start and sit in your system tray when you boot. You'll need to reboot before this takes effect.
  6. There are some programs that you definitely want to launch when you launch your computer, like your Antivirus software, you're firewall, and things like that. Programs like MSN, Realplayer, and things like that, I would uncheck, unless you really like those programs.
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