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A Tree is a collections of Notes/Shortcuts/Favorites.

The Tree must be attached to a Tree Type Category. A Tree which is attached to a Tree Type Category can be changed to another tree easily.

ith Tree Type Categories, it is possible to have an unlimited number of trees in the 8start Launcher.

To maintain a compact appearance for the 8start Launcher tree, there is no add/delete/edit/move icon shown in the Tree window. By using a mouse click on icons, it is faster and easier to manipulate Trees and Notes.

Tree Type Category
Tree Type Category
- At least one Tree Type Category has to be created to show tree
- Create more than one Tree Type Category if you want more than one tree to appear in 8start Categories.
* It is not necessary to create a Tree Type Category for each Tree, one Tree Type Category can hold unlimited trees.

Add Tree Type Category
Menu > Organize Button
Click , then select 'Add Dynamic Category ( for Tree Notes/Shortcuts/Favorites )' to add New Tree Type Category
Click Close on Organize Button

Tree or
Change Tree attached to a Tree Type Category

- Right Click on the Tree Type Category or left click on the empty area of Tree window
- A tree selection window will pop up

- Left click on a tree name to change tree attached to a Tree Type Category
* To close tree selection window, click on the frame of tree selection window

- Right click on a tree name to add/edit/delete tree. (If tree selection window is empty, right click the empty area)

- Define the tree name, folder to keep the notes, and notes color.
- Click 'OK'
- Click a tree name, then that tree will be attached to the selected category
* Tips: You can use free online service Dropbox to store notes / favorites online, and access them everywhere (eg. from Home computer and Office computer). Just point the "Folder to Keep Tree Content" to your dropbox folder.
* You can use a Relative path for your flash drive, or Static path link to a file server
* Notes/Shortcuts/Favorites will not be deleted when you uninstall 8start Launcher or delete a Tree, this is to avoid accidental loss of your valuable data. You can delete any or all of your Notes/Shortcuts/Favorites by using Windows file explorer.

Add New Note/Shortcut/Favorite

add 1st note in a tree
- Right click on the empty area of 8start launcher Tree windows
add subsequent node in a tree
- Right click on a node in the tree, and select 'New Note' or 'New Shortcut' or 'New Favorite', then select the location (Above/Child/Below) for the new node added

- You can change icon of a 'Note' by clicking on the icon, icon of 'Shortcut' and 'Favorite' is generated automatically, so you can't change it.
* The description inputed will be shown in tree window, when mouse hovers over the note label.

Mulitplate Nodes in a Tree

Colapse/Refresh content in a tree
- Right Click empty area in the tree
Move node in a tree
- Right click on a Node and select 'Move'
Edit node properties
- Right click on a Node and select 'Edit Properties'
Delete node
- Right click on a Node and select 'Delete'

Tree Opacity
- Click 'Menu' then 'Tree Opacity'
* In some old computer, display of notes label in Tree become slow if opacity changed to the value below 100%. Set Opacity back to 100% to solve this problem.

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