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Question. 8start got cut off halfway down the middle, I get a distorted 8start without menus or icons in the wrong place.
Answer. 8start Launcher currently support only 96dpi resolution (Windows default), cannnot enable the windows large icon option or set windows icon to 48pixel

To solve the problem,
In Windows 7
Go to Start\Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display

You will have 3 options,
Choose Smaller-100%

In Windows XP
Set the screen dpi to default value 96dpi

Question. 8start Launcher can keep shortcuts/web link/file link either in Panel Type Category (default is 'General') or Tree Type Category (default is 'Tree'). I get confuse that where should I add shortcuts/web link/file link into .
Answer. Generally, I recommend you to keep your frequent use shortcuts/web link/file link in Panel Type Category. Group all related shortcuts/web link/file link together and keep in Tree Type Category.

Benefit of using Panel Type Category:
fastest way to launch program, appereance of button can be customized.
Recommendation: Move your desktop icons (which is frequent use) into Panel Type Category, delete all icons in desktop which is seldom use. You can create more than one Panel Type Category if needed.

Benefit of using Tree Type Category: Unlimited items, include notes taking feature, items can be shared via file server, multi-level tree.
Recommendation: Use Tree Type Category to keep all your web favorites. Link to all programs in tree organized way. You can create more than one Tree Type Category if needed, e.g. one Tree Type Category for web favorites, one Tree Type Category for note taking.


Question. I am having "Run-Time error '75' Path / File access error" when using the tree feature in Windows Vista.
Answer. One component cannot be run without Windows Vista/Windows 7 admin right, to solve the problem, please run InstallComponents.exe which can be found in 8start Launcher folder.


Question. My question is not listed here.
Answer. More answers can be found in 8start forum, you can also post your question there so 8start fans can help you.

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